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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
1:35 am
Hey All
hey guys... i dont even know if anyone reads this anymore but i realized it was getting dusty with the last post being over a year ago... so im posting... yeah ... ummm this band rocks!!!! and next year is gonna kik sum serious you know what! yeah thats bout all i got... well now someone has broken the spell of no posts.... yeah (sorry its boring and it sucks)

ohhhh We will miss our graduates soooo much !!!! We love you '06!!!!! you guys are awesome


oh this was elyse for those who dont know... :D

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
12:56 am
Hello children. Yes it is me...Jamie Hernandez, bet u can't guess who i'm related to. umm i don't really know all u ppl except Jenna and Benford. lol. I am a graduate of SP in '03. O yea...anyway, I was a flute and it was fun. ok. later.
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
1:47 pm
the game wan't all thwt good but he uniforms looked great so i heard
can't wait until i see the video of what it looked like
Saturday, September 25th, 2004
8:38 pm
hey i don't see a flute in that icon, so i think we need to find a better one...jk lol but a flute should still be in there, cuz they rock!


Current Mood: crazy
12:09 pm
Hey Home Skillets Its the coolest flute player ever Jenna...the cool person just joined
Dolce - sweetheart!
You're dolce!

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but i think retardando fit me better lol "you're not the brightest bulb now are you?" hahaha i thought that perfectly described me, but hey so does this one


Current Mood: bored
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
9:43 am
Hey kids!

It's Matt, I'm in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band!

Anybody want to do this next year?

I'll be at the homecoming game, and I'll have cards that you can fill out if you are interested at all.

It'll help me get a pretty ribbon for my uniform.

Chicks dig ribbons. Help me get a date.

PS: Good luck this year guys, see you on the 8th.

~Matthew White
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
1:52 pm
So here is the dealio... I have decided to host the Mum-Making Party for this year. It will be on October 3rd which is the sunday before homecoming. *if your parents ask why its not on a saturday, the answer is because we have a contest that day* It will be at my house so when the date gets sooner i will give our directions. E-mail me if you are interested. You will have to bring your own supplies. I am also considering planning a day and time where a group of band buddies can go up to hobby lobby with eachother and buy all of our stuff together.

So, if you are interested in any of this please e-mail me at sp06dmGrantA@austin.rr.com

I would appreciate it :-D


Current Mood: accomplished
12:02 pm
the football game on friday was really good we had a couple of small issue's and on really BIG issue. At the begining small ensemble while i was trying to play my trigger got stuck which wouldn't of been all that bad exept i was playing kind of loud like were suppose to and that it got stuck down so i had no clue were to play all the note in.



Current Mood: P.O. ed
11:46 am
if any one who has any ideas of stuff to put in the interest part then please feel free to email them to me (trent the tromebone) at trent13579@yahoo.com

please cuz the thingy looks really sad right now cuz i'm out of ideas
11:42 am
What kind of disease are you?


Trent is caused by sponges.

Trent disease causes feet to become sharks.
Trent is cured by never wearing shoes ever again.

i hate shoe's yay
7:21 am
I have officially joined the band thingy-ma-bob-er. I actually posted a while back but it wasnt until today that i officially joined. I dont have much to say though. Its not even 7:30 yet. I have to go to church and play this bad ass song with the orchestra. everyone should watch us at 10:00 on uhh... i think channel 12 or KVUE?? im not sure hehe, thats sad but anyways this is enough for now. Adios!

Amanda Grant

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
9:17 pm
hey look i'm posting in teh band forum! This is lotz of fun yay! Okay I don't have much else to say right now! Luv y'all!
11:03 am
Aaron no offence but your going down on challenegs on tues.
10:54 am
Hey everyone! It's Robyn. What's up to all my band buddies?!
9:34 am
Dissonance - trouble-maker.
You're dissonance!

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Current Mood: apathetic
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
9:57 pm
hey hey!! this is Aaron Hope. yay for me!! i found the band community! we need to tell more ppl bout this.

have fun!!

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, September 12th, 2004
2:17 pm
hey this is trent get it trentka bob

yeah if any one has anything to add to the interests just email them to me
1:17 pm
Hey :)

Boy am i cool, i found the sphs_band community hehe. I read about it from trentkabob even though i dont know who that is but anyways I'm here.

So "trentkabob," what would you like peoplk to talk about in here?

Amanda Grant

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
10:59 am
hey so i'm like the only one in here so okay.

four football teamisn''t the greatest but they are getting better

Current Mood: accomplished
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